About Us

  Greg and Kate Haughey live in Perth, Western Australia and are the proud parents of 9 children (Greg’s 5 and Kate’s 4) and grandparents of 3 children. Greg and Kate take great pride and joy in their very extended family which is scattered across a number of parts of Australia.


Greg is a Certified Practising Accountant and has extensive financial management skills with the Australian government over 10 years working in various finance positions in key central agencies and a large and diverse policy department. Greg has recently reduced his accounting commitments so that he can pursue his long held desire to establish and operate a range of businesses. He has established several web based businesses in partnership with his wife Kate as his first steps in fulfilling this ambition. Greg enjoys outdoor activities. In more recent times has taken to ocean sailing including participating in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in 2009, Airlie Beach Race Week and Hamilton Island Race Week in 2014 as well as riding his BMW R1200GS motorcycle around Australia in 2013 with his friend Roger. Although Greg is a 5th generation Australian he takes great pride in his Irish origins and has spent many years researching his family tree. This has been both a labour of love and one of much frustration as early records, particularly Irish records, are non-existent or have been lost. Greg has posted the family tree on this website and on ancestry.com.au for fellow genealogists to access.


Kate prides herself on her ability to create positive change for individuals and/or families. Kate is a qualified professional counsellor. She is passionate about working with children, young people and their parents to build healthy, strong relationships. Kate has been practicing for over 15 years specialising in families and parenting and has worked with both not-for-profit organisations and government agencies dedicated to supporting families. Her work has covered some very difficult issues including inter-generational complex trauma and mental illness. Kate is the driving force behind her and Greg’s extended family. No birthday or other notable family event goes uncelebrated or unacknowledged as Kate weaves these commitments through her otherwise demanding work and personal life. Kate is an avid reader and belongs to a book club. Kate is also an accomplished cook being influenced by her family’s Italian connections via her mother and her upbringing in a family whose focus was very much on family and food as a means of connecting.